Top 5 Long Game Heroes


When a certain game is evenly matched the query goes back and forth. This part is also where dominant early game heroes equates to puny and commonly this is where marksmans shines the most. Of course there are quite a number of different heroes that shines and truly dominates the end part of the game. For this thread were going to talk about heroes that are dangerous when reached 16-30 mins game mark. Our list might be different from yours but feel free to express what you thought should is right.


Aldous is probably the ultimate hero for the reason that you’ve already full stacked passive and can definitely 2 hits marksman, mage, and assassins while dealing 5 or more 1st skill to fighters and tanks. A full item aldous is already dangerous, how much more if full stacked. Smh. Though he might be a to from the start wherein his threat is yet to bloom and that is the best time to harass the enemy Aldous but still its hard to win 1v1 so you gotta bring a buddy with you. If you’re allies then let him/her get the last hit ’cause you know you’re going to rely on em at some point. There’s a lot of consideration in order to counter Aldous during this state.


A+ class marksman. Hanabi is a treasure to marksman users. Once the time lapse to 10-20 you can expect Hanabi to perma-on 1st skill since the mana consumption is less and can easily be regenerate by Endless Battle or Demon’s boots amd if you equip Berserkers Fury and Blade of Despair it would be total wipe out during clash. Benefits such as easy def, clear lane, and farm. The downside of Hanabi is when she will be the target of mages and assassins.


If Mino and Gatot are the top tanks, well Belerick outstand them during long games. Compare all three, all have healing abilities but Belericks has the numbers plus his ultimate skill is dedicated to the team. The beast can tank heavily and can return the damage with his passive skill and whenever the enemies marksman is aggressive then the passive skill is aggressive as well. Underrated tank.


Both heroes are item dependent and can easily kill any roaming enemy around the jungle area. Both are BURST DAMAGE heroes especially when full build. These two heroes have similar goals during long game is to meal-up the marksman or mage. The challenging part is when you’re up against CC heroes or AoE casting peasants which would deflate the pop damage you’re gauging on. A considered long game for these two heroes starts from 10+ mins. If possible, before the 10 min mark you already have 3-4 items or more.

Honorable Mentions

Of course there will always be runner ups on the list. These heroes can potentially match up the terror by the top heroes.

Layla, Clint, Ruby, Lunox, Hayabusa

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