Leomord Build Guide and Tips



At the beginning of the game, buy Hunter’s Knife and head straight for the jungle for faster exp’s of other heroes. If you have enough gold, you can upgrade it to Pillager Ax and collect the stack by killing the jungle monster for additional defense. After that, you can buy the following items.

Haas’s Claws

As one source for survival, Leomord is in dire need of a large lifesteal. Haas’s Claws became the first lifesteal item created to make Leomord bolder on the front lines.

Warrior Boots

To increase its defense, Warrior Boots become the best choice as item movement. In addition to providing armor, Warrior Boots also increase defense whenever it is damaged. If the enemy relies more on magic damage, the Warrior Boots can be replaced with Tough Boots.

Berserker’s Fury

For the source of damage, Berserker’s Fury is the next item for Leomord. With the addition of a high enough physical attack and additional critical damage to make Leomord can kill enemies faster. Not to mention if it is in a mounted state, it can pursue the enemy constantly when he tried to run and produce high damage.

Rose Gold Meteor

For additional lifesteal and magic resistance, Rose Gold Meteor can be an attack item to deal with hero magic. The damage provided is quite large with the shield effect when HP drops below 30%. If you feel more need more damage, you can replace it with Windtalker or Scarlet Phantom.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

The only suitable defense item for Leomord. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen keeps Leomord in high defense and lifesteal for a while. In certain conditions, this item can make Leomord win, even 1 to 5 though.

Blade of Despair

When the item slots have started full, immediately sell Hunter’s Knife or Pillager Ax and replace with Blade of Despair as the main damage source. Blade of Despair will cause Leomord to generate large amounts of damage when the enemy’s HP drops below 50%.

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