Kadita Ocean Goddess Hero Guide


Kadita the Ocean Goddess is really strong and very easy to play. So in this guide, I will feature 3 builds that can fit any playstyle.

But first, let’s go to the Emblems. 

We’ll start at the Mage Emblem set. I have 2 options for this.
First one is Agility – 3pts, Observation – 3pts, Magic Worship
Second is Agility – 3pts, Contract – 3pts, Impure Rage

Or you want to imitate Chou with Tank Emblem set that can heal when using CC skills
Firmness – 1pt, Shield – 2pts, Fortress – 1pt, Purity – 2pts, Brave Smite

Magical Emblem if you don’t have any option between the other two
Vitality – 3pts, Desire – 3pts, Magic Power Surge

For the Battle Spells. 

Kadita has her amazing immune to CC dash but I think it’s not enough so for me, Flicker would be one of Kadita’s best Battle Spell.
Or Sprint for immunity to slow effects. 
Petrify is also nice for a handy stun. 
Or choose any battle spell that can fit your playstyle. 

And finally for the first build which is a perfect “poke” build:
Demon Shoes – for Mana Regen
Lightning Truncheon – for poking enemy to death and a main item
Clock of Destiny – to support Lightning Truncheon’s passive, to increase HP, Magic and DMG
Glowing Wand – for poking even tanks, and with its own passive it can deal DMG based on enemy’s HP
Divine Glaive – to increase her DMG with 70% Magic PEN
Blood Wings – to increase her HP and Magic
If you are wondering why no Magical Lifesteal, well that’s because of her passive.

For a Chou-like build :
Enchanted Talisman, Warrior Boots, Fleeting Time, Winter Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Blood Wings

For 40% CD
Demon Shoes, Fleeting Time, Lightning Truncheon, Necklace of Durance, Clock of Destiny, Blood Wings

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