How to Rank Up Faster With Gusion


Wanna be an Epic rank in no time? Then pick Gusion. Gusion is a powerful Assassin/Mage hero with skills that can dominate the battlefield. OK now let’s go to the topics.

So the 1st topic is the rotation of Gusion when your lane is Mid lane.
1. Clear the first wave on Mid Lane.
2. Go to the Spinner and Spider. First kill the little one. Then kill the big one. Tip : Always level up the 2nd skill first 
3. Then go to the Crab. Kill it for additional money then help the top lane to clear the wave. 
4. Then go back to Mid lane. 
That’s the rotation. Let’s go to the 2nd topic. 

2nd topic is What skills you have to upgrade from lvl 1 – 15.
Level 1 – 2nd skill 
Level 2 – 1st skill 
Level 3 – 2nd skill 
Level 4 – 3rd skill (Ultimate)
Level 5 – 2nd skill
Level 6 – 1st skill
Level 7 – 1st skill
Level 8 – 3rd skill (Ultimate)
Level 9 – 2nd skill 
Level 10 – 1st skill 
Level 11 – 1st skill
Level 12 – 3rd skill (Ultimate)
Level 13 – 2nd skill
Level 14 – 2nd skill 
Level 15 – 1st skill

Last topic is the gear and emblem.
Gear : Star Shred, Rapid Boots, Concentrated Energy, Calamity Reaper, Fleeting Time, Ice Queen Wand.
Emblem : Magic Emblem Set – Awaken, Desire, Magic Power Surge.

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