Golden Demon Claude Hero Guide


Claude. He is really strong. Want to see the build and emblem to dominate? Then let’s go to the emblems first.

I recommend Marksman Emblem not just because he’s a marksman. Also because I will feature the Golden Demon Build. 
So the emblem tree should be 3pts on Physical ATK, 3pts on ATK Speed, and pick the 3rd emblem talent.
Or go for Assassin Emblem with this talent tree : Agility, Invasion, Bounty Hunter 
Any emblem will work as long as it fits your playstyle

And for the battle spells, any Battle spell can do. But I recommend these :Retribution – faster farming Inspire – faster ATK Flicker – if Claude’s 2nd skill isn’t enough

Now for the Golden Demon Build, the main topic, here’s the build :
Demon Boots – Mana Regen
Demon Hunter Sword – Main item because both Claude and Dexter can trigger it’s effect
Golden Staff – Increase effectiveness of Demon Hunter Sword
Wind of Nature – Immunity 
Deadly Blade – Anti Heal
Blade of Despair – Additional DMG

Well that’s it. Have fun playing Claude and Dexter.

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