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Hi there!

Who am i?
I am a average 24 yo guy from India. I am a gamer..and a YouTuber.

Mostly i play Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I have been playing the game since 2016.

I am a Average gamer and not a Professional Gamer.

What i upload in my Channel?
Mostly the contents are from Mobile Legends Bang Bang.
My contents are basically simple. I play, i upload. But ofcourse i upload what i also find interesting and it turns out to be really Interesting. So get on-board.

My Mobile Legends Profile id is 746578 , follow me!

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How i record my gameplay?
I use AZ Screen Recorder android application to record.

How i edit videos?
Using Wondershare Filmora Software (PC)

Which phone i use?
Honor V10

*Why most of them are Montage?*
I find montage to be more entertaining than a full game play.The best parts are included in the Montage videos so as to focus on what i am trying to show in the video.
In case of “Franco Hooks” i show the best hooks i encounter in that particular match and i get at least few good clips in one match so i combine then with 3-4 other matches(which have hook clips).This doesn’t mean i an trying to hide my bad moments in the match.I have been showing fail hooks,defeats and deaths too but people ignore it and still judge 🙁

Intro Song: TheFatRat – Infinite Power!


Case & Point – Savage [Monstercat Release]

Pegboard Nerds – BAMF [Monstercat Release]

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