A Realistic Guide to Rank Up


It’s a frowned upon concept to feed or leave a game and most of the player base will tell you that you can win at any given point in a match.  A simple observation will tell you this is possible but is a 20+ min. the game really worth winning?

1. Moontoon Rules take you, hostage,
– If you get in a team which is really bad you can’t quite like in DOTA 2 in order to save time and move on.  You can win a one 25-30 min. game through hard work but you could have won 2 games in that period.

2. No queue separation
– Feeders and afk lords WILL get in your game.

3. No individuality
– Oh, you want to split push? Too bad you *ing * you just reported. Literally, Dota and League supports any type of strategy and when you play ml you’re forced to team up or get 9 reports.

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