5 Mistakes on Low Ranks


Are you stuck at your Warrior or Elite or Master Rank? Well maybe you’re making these mistakes:

1st mistake is that you’re already training heroes on ranked games. Don’t do that. Just don’t. If you want to practice new heroes, then play in Classic.

2nd mistake is your positioning is really bad. If you don’t know what’s positioning, then here it is.
Fighter – in the frontlines. If there’s no tank and there’s a marksman or mage with you, you have to be like a tank. You have to damage enemies and kill enemies. 
Assassin – in the frontlines. Your job as an assassin is to farm. And damage any enemies with fighter heroes.
Marksman – You have to be in the back of either Fighters, Assassins, and Tanks. You have to assist close ranged heroes in fighting. 
Mage – You have to aid close ranged heroes in battle. Your job is to kill any enemy Marksman, enemy Mage, and enemy Support.
Tank – The main job of tanks is to be the shield of all heroes. You have to take all the damage and kill anyone who wants to kill your team.
Support – Your job is to support all heroes. Either heal them or support them in killing enemies.

3rd mistake is you don’t have a rotation. Mostly if you’re main heroes is Assassins, especially Gusion, and your lane is always Middle lane, then use this rotation :
Go to the mid and clear the 1st wave
Go to the Spinner and Spider and kill them
Go immediately to the crab and kill it for the additional gold
Clear the wave on top lane
Go back to mid and clear the wave

4th mistake is you’re not helping in team fights.

5th mistake is your build doesn’t work on your heroes. Seriously though. Building a Tanky build with Mage heroes? No no no. N-O-O-H-H-O. No! 

Well that’s it. Don’t worry bout this. It’s just my opinion. And for fun purpose only

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