10 Heroes That Can Help You to Rank Up Faster



I picked this as top 10 because of her high magic damage and also because she really needs teammates to use her Ultimate. I think she deserves this.


Well for starters he can’t kill one enemy with his ultimate without getting Endless Battle and Blade of Despair in 10 mins  but getting Endless Battle and Blade of Despair earlier than 10 mins will make him really 1 hit KO with his Ultimate so he deserves the top 9.


We all know that without his Ultimate, he’s vulnerable but still strong because of his irritating 2nd skill damage dealt when full stacked. But with a nice rotation of farming and a really helpful positioning, he can dominate the battlefield easily.


First, there’s her immunity to all basic attacks. Second, her passive can be used to engage in battle or to escape from being ganked. And third, if you have a great rotation then Natalia would help you rank up faster.


The DMG of this hero is really high. But of all that high DMG, he is really low on defense. He can easily be killed in an instant. So positioning and farming really helps him. And also, he doesn’t really fight head on. So he deserves this place.


Let’s all face it, we all get irritated by this hero because of her passive. If you don’t know her passive then here it is : When she uses 4 consecutive skills (any skills including Ultimate), the 5th use of any skill can freeze enemies. She also has high DMG. But of all that, she doesn’t have blink skills so 4th place is really for Aurora.

Lapu Lapu

He is my favorite, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be top 1. There’s more heroes out there that’s more stronger than him (even though he’s our country’s greatest hero. I’m sorry Lapu Lapu but this is just the game we’re talking about). But let’s talk about how he deserves top 3. 1st of all, he has no mana so you can get aggressive when you have Ultimate. 2nd, when his Ultimate successfully hit enemy heroes, they’re gonna get a 1 sec stun. Then they’re gonna get their Magic and Physical DMG lowered. Then a new set of skills can be used for a short period of time. And third, he’s heavy sword state (after using Ultimate) he can deal very high DMG.


Leomord really can dominate the battlefield with his horse, Barbiel. With Barbiel, Leomord can attack while moving and also his skills in mounted state (Ultimate form) has high damage. And his passive can deal crit with all his attacks (both basic attacks and skill attacks) because if his enemies’ health (can also be triggered to turrets) is below 30%.


This hero is a great combination with Hanzo because with Minsitthar’s Ultimate, everyone with blink skills and flicker battle spells cannot be used and with Hanzo’s soul state 2nd skill, every enemy heroes in the field well be easily killed. And with his hook, that can only target heroes and his 2nd skill with stun at the nearest enemy and knock back at the other enemies at the back, he is really strong. Not OP though.

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